About Us

Who We Are

What started in 2006 as a small label answering the call to supply the demand by women for more creative, alternative, versatile yet trendy clothing, YouMeWe has since grown into a formidable design and manufacturing label able to produce garments of a high quality standard, both ready to wear and made to measure, with unique design elements and numerous styling capabilities.


A signature design ethos that allows the wearer to create unique and versatile styling options with a single garment, YouMeWe has developed slowly but surely in the fashion industries both locally and abroad. Part of growing though is to garner skills and expertise through the course of the years, that enables YouMeWe to thrive in the ever-changing world of trends and fashion fads and remain true to pure design and not pattern buying and mere duplication.


A family business with the chief objective of building a legacy, YouMeWe represents for all small, self-taught, self-started studios in backrooms, garages and shacks across South Africa. We stand for the success achieved by believing in yourself and your own brand and in the spirit of entrepreneurship. We believe in growing the industry across the continent and our vision is to become a major manufacturer and distributor of our own brand of African prints.


Our Team

Our Team